Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pan Oceania Cutter Showcase

Here it is. The Pan Oceania Cutter for Infinity the Game. The TAG came out really well. I'm still trying to get a handle on photographing miniatures so parts of the model are out of focus. 
 For the color scheme I basically followed GW's Space Wolves scheme. It's always been one that I've admired and copying it on to a model from a different manufacture really renewed the look. I've made some tweaks but essentially I've stuck true to it.
You can see my attempt at Object Source Lighting, or OSL. I looked up a bunch of OSL tutorials on-line and found a very good one from Massive Voodoo. I haven't mastered it yet and looking at these pictures now I can see some areas that I need to re-touch. 
What a nice crotch! I actually wanted to share this part because it was in focus and because it displayed some of the Non-Metallic Metal or NMM I produced on this model. NMM is always something to improve upon as it is such a time consuming and difficult technique to master. The important thing is making sure you highlight all the way up to white without it looking choppy or showing any brushstrokes. 

More OSL. 
Here you can actually see an area that needs to re-worked. The light should be reflecting on his biceps and his upper forearm a little more. 

Constructive feedback and criticism is very much welcome. He's still a work in progress so I can make any amendments as needed. 


  1. That is awesome! The NMM is very subtle. Can't wait to see this guy in person!

  2. Looking really good! Perhaps the OSL could do with a touch up here and there, but it still looks a lot better than what I've started dabbling with. :)

    Oh, and nice new blog as well! Can't have too much Infinity, eh? Have a game (or games) coming up tomorrow against some Nomad scum!

  3. Thanks, guys. I've touched it up a bit but I am putting the brush down for now. I am happy with it. Can't wait to paint my Yu Jing Models again.

    @martin, How did your game go?

  4. Oh, that Nomad rable didn't stand a chance against the might of the State Empire! My Tiger Soldier dominated with his HMG and in the last turn my Domaru actually made it into close combat with a Mobile Brigada (and promptly cut her to pieces!).

    We both had a lot of fun though, and in the middle of the slaugher my friend said "Why play anythine else when we have Infinity? The system is just so good!" :)