Sunday, September 14, 2014

Raiden Infinity Conversion!

I decided to follow up with my previous post finally. Most of the time I am posting to Tau of War, but I've been thinking of switching all of my infinity-related posts here and linking them from Tau of War. So perhaps we'll see some more activity on this blog. Never close down a blog, I say, and never apologize for not posting in a long time. If there's anything I hate more in blogging, its "I'm not dead" posts.

This model was painted with the James Wappell shaded basecoat technique. I find this technique fun at times, and impractical at other times. For this model, I found it a blast because it meant I could just get all the colors down and paint the fig in a single evening. I actually decided not to spend more than one night on him, hence the unfinished base. I will get to that eventually.

This trooper is meant to represent a Raiden Senkenbutai. I made him before the new model came out, and when the new model came out, I was unimpressed. Blandhammer. I was hoping he would have Yu Jing bladevanes on his back like the Yu Jing Japanese Spec Ops...oh well, good thing I made this conversion!

The head is from a Nomad Hellcat and the spitfire is from the Pan O Spec Ops troop. Just a quick weapon and head swap and we've got a new model!

Questions, comments, critique are welcome as always!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Conversions with Infinity Miniatures

Metal miniatures make conversions quite a good deal more difficult to successfully execute and more risky. The metal is tough to cut through and because of the extra amount of force one inevitably applies, the risk of injury is greater. They aren't impossible though and the Infinity range has a good deal of multipart models, which make the process easier, though still not as easy as converting plastic models.

Here is a conversion that I have worked on. It basically consists of a weapon and head swap to create a new unit - the Raiden with spitfire. Sure, there is a new model out representing this guy, but I like my conversion better because it's mine.

 The main model is the Domaru Butai with chain rifle. I clipped off the chain rifle and gave him a Pan O spitfire from a spec ops pack. I had to re-sculpt the shoulder and left hand. I did an OK job, but I'm sure in the future I'll get better at this. For now, job's a good 'un.

The head was clipped off, carefully, and I added a head from an old Nomad Tomcat. You'll notice I really don't care about sticking within one faction, all I want to do is create an interesting model when it is finished. He'll probably get painted over the weekend and I think that will make the conversion work better.

My next conversion will likely be a second version of the Raiden, using a ninja head on the C.Guard torso with spitfire, with Haramaki legs. More to come.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Japanese Sectorial Army Collection

 Here is my JSA army collection. It's an eclectic group given that I've switched color schemes at least three times since I started it, but at least they are all painted now. I'm actually less concerned about cohesive color schemes in Infinity since the model generally act on their own, as opposed to 40k where units look odd if grouped together in different colors.

I still have models to add to it, but its playable now, if a little ineffective. I've yet to add the remainder of the Haramaki, which I may actually do over as a group.

 You can see some changes on the bikes, which I'm not entirely happy with but they'll do for now.

I've played one game with these guys, and lost...rather embarrassingly. They'll be back on the field though at the next chance I get.

Friday, April 25, 2014

JSA Bikers

These are a few of the JSA bikers I painted last week. They're actually done now but at the time of these photos, I was only 85% done.
Lo Pan and I went over them in person. The yellow on the control panel is extremely messy and just doesn't work. We decided that a re-do was in order. I'll go over them this weekend and fix that part.

I had one of those moments while painting them. I don't know if anybody else gets them, but I was painting them and I just was like...this is taking too long. Frickin' CB and their overly detailed models!!! When I got to doing the body suit, I simply painted them is successive coats of wash. I just really did not feel like trying to get the fading and highlighting right on those. I normally don't do lots of washing, because I don't like the uneven look it provides. It's also makes things look a little dull and splotchy. This time was just a fuck-it moment. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't Walk into the Killbox

So I finally grabbed a game with my Lo Pan after a long hiatus of playing Infinity. I had finished enough of my JSA to play them in a game and learned the hard way about their lack of long range firepower. 
Lo Pan and I set up the board with less concern toward balance and more concern towards making it look cool. I won first turn and Lo Pan won deployment. He cunningly invited me to deploy on the side of the board without a high vantage point. I rather foolishly feel right into his trap. 

The game consisted mainly of me trying to dislodge his Hsien with an HMG from the building, while my bikers worked the flanks, picking off any troops they could. 

Rather cinematically, the result was an alley of death. 

I had doctors fixing people, and cunning use of orders here and there to try and dislodge the Hsien. He eventually went down but my rolling was abysmal so it took a rather long time to do so. 

Still I was an immensely fun game. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Raiden Senbutai Conversion

After playing around with the ArmyBuilder for Japanese Sectorial Armies (JSA), I found out that it is pretty tough to use up enough special weapon cost (SWC) points with the current range of Yu Jing JSA models. Sure, one could throw a couple Aragotos with spitfire down, but there's only one model, and in my opinion fielding duplicate models is a big fax-pas in games of Infinity.

So with a donated Pan Oceania spitfire (sweet looking weapon) from Lost Cateran, I set about trying to affix the damn thing to a JSA model. The only viable candidate was the Domaru Butai with chain rifle. I'm not a fan of these close-range specialists anyway and the model fit the part - he's a heavily armored samurai.

I went to work with my knife, saw and clippers. In the process of removing the chain rifle, both the bloke's left hand and his right shoulder-pad were badly mauled. Luckily, a small supply of Magic-Sculpt had recently arrived in the mail. The reconstruction began.

Boy, sculpting is hard! First lesson I learned is that saliva is your friend. Second lesson, let things cure a bit before trying any detail work. Thirdly, don't be afraid to start over. I sculpted a shoulder pad, was unhappy with it, and then completely ripped off the putty and re-did it with better results.

Well, enough chatter. Here he is!

Next step, file down the edges so they are sharp and affix some katanas.

More to come...

Monday, September 9, 2013

NOVA 2013 Prize Support

So, to my surprise, I actually won the Renaissance Man for both the ITS Tournament on Saturday and the Team Tournament (along with my brother) on Sunday. The Renaissance Man is the best combined score for painting and objectives over the tournament. I don't believe I actually got the best score, but the person with the best score already got 1st place, so I subsequently got Ren Man. My Ariadnan force that I played is displayed below.

The prize support that Corvus Belli gave was, in a word, tremendous. All players got a free mini (I got a Gui Feng Spec-Ops), and as winner, I got all the rest of the stuff pictured below.

I technically did not win the Cutter, but I got $25 off a Warstore purchase, with the restriction
that it must be used that night. They had a Cutter available and I've always liked the model.
The rulebook, while I already own a rulebook, was super neat, since it was signed by Corvus Belli staff, along with sketches and drawing. I especially like the doodle of our favorite Fusilier, Angus (at least I think it's Angus), at the bottom left.

Huge amount of respect for Corvus Belli for not only appreciating the tournament circuit, but actively enhancing it with prize support.

I'll hopefully be putting up a post in the next few days regarding constructing those Bandua Cubes.