Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tohaa Battlegroup Update

I've been working on my Tohaa for a couple weeks now and I'm nearly complete with a 10-man squad I can take to games and deal out some artichoke-head punishment.

The photo is a little dull and once they're all done I hope to do some good photos to show you all. 

The color scheme.
I basically set out to just do the Angel G color scheme but I ended up hardly using straight black and added a good deal more white. I also made mine a cool-white instead of a warm one. A good example of this can be seen on the Ectro HMG's shoulder pad. It's shaded down with GW's Incubi Darkness which is one of my favorite colors right now. 

One thing I would recommend to any one collecting and painting a Tohaa squad is, reinforce that Ectros' spear if you can. This one has broken off already and I've had to reinforce it with some copper rod, super glue, greenstuff and lots of frustration. If I were to do him again, I think I might just cut off the spear, replace with a copper rod and model my own spearhead. I just know this won't be the last time I fix this damn weak piece of metal. 

I've gotten into making my own graffiti for my terrain. This is basically a process of coping pics from the internet and painting them with a brush. I really find it enjoyable and it really doesn't take more than an hour to do altogether. 

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