Sunday, September 14, 2014

Raiden Infinity Conversion!

I decided to follow up with my previous post finally. Most of the time I am posting to Tau of War, but I've been thinking of switching all of my infinity-related posts here and linking them from Tau of War. So perhaps we'll see some more activity on this blog. Never close down a blog, I say, and never apologize for not posting in a long time. If there's anything I hate more in blogging, its "I'm not dead" posts.

This model was painted with the James Wappell shaded basecoat technique. I find this technique fun at times, and impractical at other times. For this model, I found it a blast because it meant I could just get all the colors down and paint the fig in a single evening. I actually decided not to spend more than one night on him, hence the unfinished base. I will get to that eventually.

This trooper is meant to represent a Raiden Senkenbutai. I made him before the new model came out, and when the new model came out, I was unimpressed. Blandhammer. I was hoping he would have Yu Jing bladevanes on his back like the Yu Jing Japanese Spec Ops...oh well, good thing I made this conversion!

The head is from a Nomad Hellcat and the spitfire is from the Pan O Spec Ops troop. Just a quick weapon and head swap and we've got a new model!

Questions, comments, critique are welcome as always!

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