Thursday, May 1, 2014

Japanese Sectorial Army Collection

 Here is my JSA army collection. It's an eclectic group given that I've switched color schemes at least three times since I started it, but at least they are all painted now. I'm actually less concerned about cohesive color schemes in Infinity since the model generally act on their own, as opposed to 40k where units look odd if grouped together in different colors.

I still have models to add to it, but its playable now, if a little ineffective. I've yet to add the remainder of the Haramaki, which I may actually do over as a group.

 You can see some changes on the bikes, which I'm not entirely happy with but they'll do for now.

I've played one game with these guys, and lost...rather embarrassingly. They'll be back on the field though at the next chance I get.


  1. They are fantastic looking! Any new additions incoming?

    1. Actually yes, I have a raiden that I converted from a domaru that I'll paint some more haramaki.

  2. I play CA so my army feels disjointed by default, I do try to unify the MAF but the skin goes a long way to help there, if the EI list every comes out I will probably have to go back and try to match some schemes.

    That said I think the variation in the uniforms you have is fine, I think the creams and earth tones help unify the group with out having to use the same color scheme. Good luck in your next game.