Monday, September 29, 2014

Scarface Cometh

At the risk of getting repetitive, I've opted for a warm off-white for Scarface, as opposed to a cold off-white for the Tohaa. I'm drawing inspiration for Scarface from the Titanfall video game. Never played it but I enjoy the artwork in it. Those mechs are friggin sweet. 

The orange bits on Scarface will eventually look like dirty copper, and the grey will look a little more like metal once it's done. The trouble with making some armor bits metallic is that I have to distinguish them from the weapons, which also have to be some form of metal. 

Here is the base. I'm getting a little more ambitious with them as I go. Its an area I really need to improve, as pointed out by some thoughtful critics. 


  1. Nice. Digging that base, too. What'd you use to get the twist in the rebar?

  2. The rebar is actually GW's "barbed wire" although it looks a lot more like rebar than barbed wire, in fact there's nothing barbed about it!!!

    Once I positioned the rebar, I covered it in two coats of liquid greenstuff. this allows paint to stick to it. If you don't coat it, paint really doesn't stick well at all, not even primer.