Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Graphic Knights - Infinity Order Sergeants

No this is not the start of some slash fiction with the military knights raiding and uh... pillaging some poor unsuspecting village. Rather it is a post of my completed order sergeants (at long last).

No longer doomed to play in their white-washed villainy - the sergeants have exploded onto the scene in blazing technicolor!

Okay, so this is really just the first of several posts of my painted Military Orders list. The goal here is not to show off my painting (clearly overshadowed by other contributors to this illustrious blog). Instead I humbly offer these as close-ups for how the knights can be painted. When I started painting Infinity models I struggled to find fully painted minis that helped me decide how to define the colors for each model, where certain markings went, and so on.

In that vein, I present my fairly pedestrian shadings of those fabulously detailed, Corvus Belli miniatures - the Order Sergeants.

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