Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adepticon and Warband Units

I've got a golden ticket!
I just bought a trip to Adepticon 2012 and I have to say, wow, if you haven't gotten your ticket yet, do so right now. There are really slim pickings on the events. I was only able to get a couple of the seminars I wanted, ending up with a class on Airbrushing and one on Competition Level Painting. Of course the Infinity Tournament still had spots so expect to see me rolling some 20-sided dice on Sunday. I'm not sure if there are any open gaming tables, but I am bringing all my Infinity stuff so if you feel like getting in game, contact me. In fact, the whole Remote Presence team will be at Adepticon with our Infinity models so keep your combi-rifles locked and loaded.
The Infinity Tournament is an interesting one. It is an ITS tournament, which means it is Corvus Belli certified but I don't know if that translates into prize support. At 200 points, they could be short games if a good player is matched with a poor one, or they could go long if there is enough terrain and two players who know what they are doing are at the helm. Here's to hoping there is enough terrain.
The lists are going to seem incredibly small but I still want at least 8 models. This will mean no TAGs for me and no Hac Tao either. Because it's an ITS tournament, this also means no mercenaries, so say good-bye to my favorite skirmisher, Saito Togan.
What I am hoping to do is build a coherent list that includes 8 regular models and then I want to toss in 2 warband models, most likely Shoalin Monks with Chain Rifles and Shock CCWs. At 5 points each, that is a steal! Even though they are impetuous and irregular, they are cheap as chips and great for launching at the enemy to disrupt his plans. Our local Pan O player has been getting tons of great use out of the Magister Knight and although Monks have no armor, I'd love to see what they can do.
Their smoke grenades are a bonus too. With Chain Rifles, they can toss smoke in their impetuous order, then you can do an intuitive shot with their irregular order, and hopefully kill an enemy without suffering an ARO. Here's how it works. Move up to cover in your first short skill, the enemy target should be only one you see, he declares ARO, your second short skill is to toss a smoke grenade at your feet. This is a face to face roll against your opponent's shooting. Luckily you get +3 if you target the ground under 4 inches ahead of you,  using your PH of  13 instead of BS of 9 for tossing a grenade. You'd need a 16 to score a success. You make it! You spend your next order and declare a intuitive shot. This is a long skill so that's all you can do. Your opponent can't see you through smoke, so he doesn't get ARO, or he gets to change facing. You roll your WIP (Monks have 14), succeed and blast him with a chain rifle through the smoke.
I'm sure there are tons of nasty tricks you can come up with at 200 points, but I will be glad to see a derth of Cutters that's for sure. At 117 points, they just aren't feasable in a 200 pts game.
Who else is going to Adepticon and playing in the Tourney? 


  1. I am not sure yet. My Infinity skills have been... lacking.... I will bring my stuff though if you want to grab a game.

  2. Garou, if you'll be at Adepticon, bring your infinity stuff. Games seldom last more than an hour. I might have a totally different faciton by then...considering the Haqqi Hassassin SA...because Muyibs are so cool and armed to the teeth!