Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Game Gallery

We still haven't mastered the combined art of Gaming, Drinking, Taking Photos, and Recording Movement. 3 out of 4 ain't bad. Without further ado- here's some eye candy from a game between OSH's Yu Jing and Morgrim's Pan-O armies. I give you- "the Battle for District 8".

Techno-viking orders Pan-O to "Obey", and they oblige!

...but Yu Jing is well protected

...and ready to deliver long-range death.

"Cover me..."

Any moment now...


  1. This was one of the coolest Infinity games I've ever played. Without a doubt.

  2. Totally agree. By far one of the best I've played as well.

    For the interested readers, Tim and I were playing at 200 pts.

    My list Military Orders list:
    -Father deFersen (hacker)
    -4 man Order Sergeant linked team with multi sniper rifle
    -Teutonic knight w/panzerfaust and combi rifle
    -Bulleteer Armbot with boarding shotgun

    Tim was able to take out my teuton knight AND OS multi sniper on MY first turn!

    The game went back and forth for a while. The turning point I believe was when I was finally able to position the remaining three order sergeants in a position to support the good Father and there were able to whittle Tim's Yu Jing forces down to below 40%.