Monday, April 9, 2012

Adepticon 2012 - Infinity Tournament Prep

With two weeks to go, I am finally settling on a set of figures for my 200 point Adepticon tournament battle group. It's 9 figures strong - 2 heavy infantry, 3 line troops, 2 warbands, and 2 skirmishers. My target was creating a squad that was fun to play, had variety and a decent amount of tricks. I think I've gotten there.

Let's start with the cheapest guys - 2 shaolin monks. Impetuous and irregular - I expect these two to be acting as one. With smoke, chain rifles and shock CCWs, they can attack, block enemy fire and hold up tough guys with ease. Very excited about using these two! The models are old for Infinity, I suppose from it's early days, and I must say they are appropriately ridiculous - they are Kung Fu masters after all.

Next up, my heavy infantry. I've got a haramaki zensenbutai and a Su Jian - both very dashing and deadly models to face. I envision the samurai accompanying the monks in their flipping and jumping about as the Su Jian forms a spearhead elsewhere, methodically laying down covering fire and shooting of panzerfausts as needed.

Now my skirmishers. These two are there to mess up your day. I've an oniwaban, who is not to be mistaken for a regular run-of-the-mill ninja. No, indeed. This guy can set up anywhere in hidden deployment - outside of enemy zones of control, of course. Like a lurking predator he'll break cover to plaster his enemies in shotgun shells, nano-bots or slice them in two with his monofilament blade.

If that was not bad enough, his buddy, the gui'lang minelayer, will at work laying mines - to scare you mostly - but also to booby trap those important objectives.

What's left are my line troops - 2 Zhanshi and celestial guardsmen. Not much to say about these lads. Thanks for the orders, I guess.

Now where's my LT? If you can guess, kudos to you and aw shucks for me - time to write another list!


  1. Sounds good, I've not enough experience to comment on how effective it will be, but there's a great variety there - hopefully it'll be fun to play with (and against!)

    We'll get a report on your games, yes?

    1. I intend to bring my camera and get lots of photos. They will definitely be a report afterwards.