Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NOVA Open Infinity Primer Tournament, June 2nd

So, I just finished the last of my Merovingians, which means that my Ariadnan forces as a whole are complete. I will post pictures once I get a camera that’s better than my phone. In the mean time…

We will be having a mini-tournament this weekend, to playtest some of the concepts for the NOVA Open Infinity Tournament, now completely on Sunday, September 2 (website here). The tournament this weekend will be three rounds at 250 points. There has been a LOT of discussion on the Corvus Belli forums (most notably here) on how many points we should have the tournament at. It seems like a lot of people prefer 200, 250 or 300 points in equal measure. We chose 250, not only as a happy medium, but it allows for a player to bring a TAG or some good heavy infantry while still having to make some choices.

I listed tournament objectives here before, but I thought I would restate them before the event. As general guidelines:
·         Each round is strictly win/loss achieved after six rounds, or until one player’s force is off the table.
·         Each round has a primary and a secondary objective. Players who win the primary objective win the game. If the primary is tied, move on to the secondary, and whoever wins the secondary wins.
·         If both are tied, move on to who has more points survived (this was per a suggestion from the Adepticon) – this does not include unconscious models. If these values are tied, then the game is tied - both players must drink a shot of alcohol of the TO’s choice (rules are rules).

Objective 1: Advance

Divide the board into four quadrants lengthwise. Deployment zones for each player constitute two of the four quadrants, and the other two are separated by the midfield line.

Stronger presence is indicated by number of points in a quadrant. Earn the highest point value possible (i.e. if a player has a stronger presence in two quarters, take the quarter that awards the higher points)
·         stronger presence in the quarter-field between your deployment zone and the midfield (1 point)
·         stronger presence in the quarter-field between your opponent's deployment zone and the midfield (2 points)
·         stronger presence in your opponent's deployment zone (3 points)

Objective 2: Collect

Leave unconscious and dead models on the board as they fall. To collect cubes/documents, a model must be in base to base contact with an unconscious/dead enemy model, and perform a short movement skill (succeeds automatically).

·         Earn a point (up to 3 max) for retrieving a Cube/Document off of an enemy

Objective 3: Degrade

·         Kill more of your opponent's SWC than he killed of yours - 1 point
·         Own more SWC than your opponent by endgame - 1 point
·         Kill your opponent's original lieutenant - 1 point

Round 1
Primary – Advance
Secondary – Collect

Round 2
Primary – Degrade
Secondary – Advance

Round 3
Primary – Collect
Secondary – Degrade

Results will hopefully be posted next week. Feel free to play these missions on your own – just roll a d6 for which mission setup you play (I know, d6 = dirty). Plenty of armchair generals have their opinions, but I’d love to hear some actual testimonies on the missions.

As a final note, we have a few last minute cancellations due to unforeseen events, so we’ve got three spots open (two if I step in as a ringer). If anyone lives in the DC Metro area and free this Saturday from 10am to 5pm, we will be gaming, drinking beer and enjoying the weather. Send me an email at laegaire AT gmail.com, and I’ll send you the specifics.

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