Friday, July 13, 2012


I finally finished these guys about a month ago, but have been too busy to post the photos.  Of the three Spinners (Flying Cars) I picked up from Antenocitis Workshop, I painted two in the classic Blade Runner police blue livery.

Check out the earlier posts for pre-painted photos, but to recap- these were very quick kits to put together with few flaws or casting imperfections to deal with.  Detail was great and the decals went on without a hitch.  I did have to refer to the website for placement information, but that was it.  Highly recommended!


  1. Looks great. Do you have a group shot with the other vehicles?

  2. I've only managed to finish half the cars I got. Other than the 2 Police Spinners, I have two red and one blue civilian car. The Spinners are real beauties, so I went ahead and put them online first, but the others also look good. My "showcase" posts are somewhat random, since I've been bouncing between Walls, Spinners, Cars, and of course... more figures! Ideally, they'll all be finished around the same time and I'll be able to do a series of "environment" photos with all the various components in place. I'm trying to get it all done before the NOVA Open, as I will be bringing a fair amount of my stuff to either be used on the tournament tables or be shown in display cases.

    As of now, I'm waiting to get some LEDs to illuminate those holo-board sections, but in the mean time I will be building up frames to hold them in place. To be honest, I have two new distractions- a GF (I'm human, after all...) and something called "Sixth Edition". I'll say no more. Cheers!

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