Friday, August 3, 2012

Infinity Explodes with Tohaa and Paradiso

After over a year of internet chatter about the new Infinity Campaign book - Paradiso is here! Late last night, Beasts of War released a stunning video on Youtube, that gives you an exciting look into the new campaign system and faction, the Tohaa.
Paradiso - the campaign book for Infinity. It will contain 16 new missions, rules for gaining experience, new units, a new sectorial army for Aleph (sorely needed) and a new faction. 
Apparently sale of the new book and models begins on Monday, August 6th.
In the meantime, I am overwhelmingly excited about the future of Infinity. The new rules are going to add another layer of depth to our games and, being a gamer who started with RPGs, I am excited for the campaign system, that brings that level of investment and consequence to our games.
On to the new faction, the Tohaa. Very little is known about them thus far, beyond that they are aliens and they have "crossed the stars." Their design hints at the Nomads, sothe two factions might have some connection, perhaps as trading partners or other cultural exchanges.
The starter set is in keeping with past starter sets, and you can see it below. I can make out 3 line troops, 1 heavy infantry model, a medium infantry model and what appears to be a skirmisher. I expect the Tohaa to have special rules, specific to their faction. Other than that I can only speculate, but you can expect to see more from us in the future.

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