Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Technocubes from Bostria

Terrain is on of the challenges and joys of the Infinity hobby. You need a decent amount of it and it needs to be different than 40k terrain - which is readily available.

When I first started looking at this game, something caught my eye. It was these green technocubes made by Bostria on the Infinity forums. They were smooth and high tech, and the green was very pleasing to the eye -  just like Infinity. 

I looked them up on-line but could only find templates for one of 3 different models, but I found all of the wall texture files. After about a year of meaning to do something, my office was throwing out a whole bunch of foamcore and being the dumpster-diving terrain builder that I am, I plucked out the choice-pieces and brought them home to begin my work. 

You really need a T-square and very sharp exacto-knife for this kind of thing. And you've got to have patience and go slowly. Measure, then measure twice. Cut once lightly, then again twice more very gently to get straight even lines on your foamcore. Then you have to measure out your sides and print your wall textures to fit. It can be slow going and it's precise work. I'm not sure if this is less effort than painting them yourself but it requires far less skill. Anyone can make these. There are no special skills required. 

Final pics will be posted, along with instructions and image files for the wall textures. 


  1. Looks fantastic. Terrain is the one weak link in our just-beginning foray into this great game.

  2. I'll work to getting the files uploaded soon then. Honestly anyone can make this thing, it just takes time and patience. No special skills needed.

  3. looks like the Miniature Scenery MDF kits, just with a more scifi facade.

    ought to look awesome with a few fiddlybits and extra details added. (like signs, A/C units, a rooftop garden or two, maybe some industrial piping for that blade runner look..)

  4. Those look wonderful. I liked the original crates, but a table of only boxes just seemed bland. Any ETA on the files and final pics?

  5. PDF is done. Send me an email and I will e mail it back to you. timandlucka at gmailicus dot comicus...