Monday, September 3, 2012

9/2 Infinity Tournament Images

Quick dump of images from the 9/2 Infinity tournament. Apologies for some of the "motion blur".


  1. Shanty town and chem-fields are looking solid out there! Question; what is the terrain in the third pic down? Is that scratch-built, or if not who does it?

    Overall looks like a blast, looking forward to a writeup.

  2. Those are some of Lo Pan's scratch-built terrain.

  3. The NOVA Open is excited to have Infinity as a fully integrated and successful part of its annual events! With greater turn-out of Infinity players than even GenCon had, we're excited about the future, and the NOVA staff we have in place rocking and socking!

    (Special thanks to Josh Smith and Kevin Comer for running demos and the Infinity tournament with such stellar success).