Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Contribution from the "New Guy"

Hi there folks! Let me get the obligatory "this is me" out of the way. I'm a 30-something gamer who loves the hobby. I am getting back into wargaming and painting after a roughly decade hiatus. Thanks to the Remote Presence fellows for helping rekindle my love of the hobby. That'll be more than enough about me for the moment. Onto the gaming stuff!

Since having been inducted into the Remote Presence gang prior to the NOVA my gaming life has picked up considerably. Between building NOVA terrain, running the Infinity tournament at the NOVA, learning Warmachine (Thanks Plarzoid!), learning 6th Ed. 40K (in order to help Morgrim judge the GT), and placing 7th at the GNS Infinity Tournament I have had precious little time to get some paint on my Aleph. The tournament at GNS helped cement the "greeks" as my go to guys/gals as well as help me prepare for a shiny new sectorial (darn production delays). So without further ado and before this wall of text crits you, here are a few WIP Pics. Enjoy!

Myrmidon, Spitfire Asura, Combi Rifle Dakini, Multi-rifle Asura
Naga Hacker
More Naga Hacker
Almost complete Naga Hacker


  1. Nice Scheme!
    I want to see the final result! :)
    ALEPH is awesome, in my blog you can find my ALEPH minis, they were my first painting-job!
    Greetings from Spain!

    1. Thanks! I will be sure to check out your Aleph.