Friday, September 2, 2011

Damn those tricky Nomads!

Last week, our gaming table was honored by the presence of Nomad Nick (aka Duront on blogger). Nomad Nick was a newcomer to our tables but certainly earned the respect of all with his dirty nomad tricks. I've never seen guided missiles in action until now and I hope it's a long time till I do again. The first turn of the game saw my Hac Tao getting pummeled by missiles until he was down and out.
Nomads have some quirky little figures like this space doctor sex-kitten. I am proud to say my Tiger Soliders kept her on the job and busy bringing morphine and orange juice to a bunch of dying nomads. 

Even Morgrim Dark's Knights had a go at them and brought the big guns on this TAG. This was ran as a Pan O Seraph and avenged the death of my Hac Tao by rampaging through the ruins and stomping this little zero minelayer. 

 Here a Pan Oceania Knight looks for an avenue of approach that won't get him killed by missiles from the skies. I can't remember if he made it. I think not.
This wounded Mobile Brigada tries in vain to save that littel zero from death by TAG.


  1. Sneaky Nomads eh? Hehe!

    Since my friend's available models are still fairly limited I haven't experienced the guided missiles of doom yet (although I've been thinking about trying it myself) but earlier this week I ran into his Szalamandra and got absolutely slaughtered!
    I hadn't brought any anti-TAG units at all. Next time I think I'll have an Oniwaban or Hac-Tao with missile launcher (or both!) in my list. :)

  2. That Hac Tao missile launcher model is a tank! would actually make a really good TAG hunter. Panzerfausts seem to be a good choice too. Our gaming club is moving into TAG territory which I am very pleased about. They take some preparation and I wouldn't run them in games less than 300 pts. But IMO they are a part of Infinity that gives it flavor.

  3. That Hac Tao does indeed look like the right woman for the job. And panzerfausts as you say, that's why I'm prepping my Su-Jian at the moment.

    This was the first time we played with something more than 150 points I think and it was fun having a TAG join in on the fun. I think they feel precisely right: dangerous and powerful but still vulnerable if used incorrectly. I'm quite eager to get started on my Guija. :)