Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dawn Raid - Infinity Scenario 1

Seeking to catch their enemies unawares, a strike force often executes a raid on enemy territory in the early hours of the morning. Speed and, as always, coordination are important in such missions, as to take best advantage of the element of surprise. These raids are frequently used to free prisoners or capture sensitive targets or information. 

Mission Objective
Both players are attempting to end the game with more miniatures in their enemy's deployment zone, than enemy models in his own. The game lasts 6 turns. At the end of the 6th turn, players calculate the amount of points of models are within their enemy's deployment zone. The winner is the one with more points than his opponent in the opposite deployment zone.

Standard 12 inch deployment zones.

Special Rules
In the first full game turn (i.e. both players' firsts active turns), the entire board counts as a low visibility zone. All ballistic attacks suffer a -3 penalty.

Playtesters needed! I would love feedback on this mission. Especially regarding the special rule of having the first full turn being a low visibility zone. Post your comments below with your results.

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