Thursday, September 15, 2011

PanOceania Knights - Infinity Style with a Mailed Fist

As the resident player of PanO's Military Orders sectorial, I figured I should post some stuff about how the knights work in-game. One word - AWESOME!

Knights are an interesting choice in a game as varied and deep as Infinity... mainly because they do one thing and one thing well - punch your opponent in the face! I am not going to beat around the shrubbery here - you lay the knights down if you want an army that can take a hard hit and give it back a thousandfold.

To start with, by running the Military Orders (MO) sectorial, you unlock some of the meanest line troops in the game - namely the Order Sergeants. These guys clock in at 13 points, but for that cost you get a BS 12 trooper that will never run away (Religious) and can be linked up in various nasty configurations. My current favorite is running them as a three man team, one of whom is sporting a multi sniper rifle. These guys sit back and cover the field with 2 DA sniper shots in ARO and 3 in their active phase.
But those guys are just punky little order monkeys right? So where are the big guys?! The MO sectorial lets you field a total of 12 Heavy Infantry (HI) models - at the same time. That's 12 guys running around with 2 wounds and Armor 3 or better. Of course, that list clocks in at 418 points and doesn't give you much in the way of special weapons...

A more realistic list of heavy hitters like this would be three Teutonic knights (one with spitfire), a Magister knight with pistol and EXP CCW, a Santiago knight LT with spitfire, and three Order Sergeants each with a combi-rifle. That list comes in a 249 points and nets you 8 regular orders (not including the LT order). More importantly you end up with three panzerfausts, two spitfires, and a linked team with 6 rifle shots in ARO. Can you say Knight Punch?!
That being said, this is only how I currently run my knights. There are definitely some great ways to run a more nuanced list. Father Gabrielle gets you a WIP 14 BTS -6 spitfire toting Hacker. The Order Sergeants can do some hacking of their own and can also come strapped with a Multi-Spec L2 visor and a spitfire to smack down those pesky smoked guys. The Hospitaller doctor with Palbot buddies lets you revive downed troopers at WIP 14. Sepulchre knights are some of the only models in the game with L2 Holoprojectors. You get the idea...

The MO sectorial is definitely lacking things like smoke grenades, crazy guided missile shots, and some of the nastier TAGs that PanO can field. But overall it suits my playstyle and hopefully this so-called analysis will help you decide if it suits yours.

Feel free to post your thoughts/experiences/whinging about playing with or against these Religious monsters of PanOceania...


  1. Man I hate panzerfausts! Good write up man

  2. Does the MO Sectorial scale down well? We are currently learning the game and only playing 200 points...which is quite a constraint.. I do like the concept of the Knights and all the religous lunacy..

  3. You can scale down the list I suggested by dropping the Santiago knight and making one of the Teutonic knights an LT. Give the non-spitfire T knight an EXP CCW and you are at 200pts.

    Here is the list code you can plug into the online army generator:

    Let me know if you try it out!

  4. A friend just got me into infinity and finding out sectoral army lists allowed me to field a bunch of space knights was the joyful motivation I needed to start collecting. If you take an MO sectorial list can you still field T.A.Gs, Sikh commandos and aquila guard?