Thursday, September 8, 2011

Play-Testing Ariadna Lists

There are a number of people who own a couple of minis from multiple factions. Not me. I’m solidly an Ariadna guy. I just love the look and feel of it (not to mention the storyline). That being said, I have a full army with both vanilla Ariadna and the two sectorial lists (Caledonia and Merovingia). I am slowly making my way through painting all of them.

Now, why do I bring this up? I will be attending the BattleFoam Wild West Shootout 2 GT (website found here). I am going there expecting to play Infinity, Malifaux and 40K. Probably should say, “I’m bringing minis to play Infinity, Malifaux and 40K” since what I expect and what actually happens doesn’t always pan out. You know how tournaments go…

And thus begins play-testing! I have a couple of lists that I will be running through, obviously tweaking as needed. It still has yet to be released what points value the Infinity tournament will be held at, but for now I will be testing at 250, since it’s likely to be either 250 or 300.

Caledonian List #1:
• Cateran with T2 Sniper Rifle
• Cateran with T2 Sniper Rifle
• Wulver with Mk12
• Cameronian
• Highlander Grey with T2 Rifle
• Highlander Grey with AP HMG
• William Wallace Lieutenant
• Galwegian with Chain Rifle
• Galwegian with Chain Rifle
• Galwegian with Chain Rifle

Pros: Solid 10 models, linked Galwegians + William Wallace allowing them to move up the board quickly, enough long range to cover the advance. Lots of T2 ammo which, while nice, is not as useful as one might think (not a huge amount of two wound models, and those will likely be heavily armored or out of LoS). Also, I have a lot of experience with Caledonia, so that a plus.

Cons: No infiltration, not a lot of ranged firepower, and William Wallace Lieutenant. Some might wonder about the last point. A linked team with Wallace and Galwegians is a clear giveaway of who my Lieutenant is. Not only that, but my lieutenant only tends to shine in melee, which means I spend all that time getting him up the board that they can pick him off. Not fun. On the other hand, means that most of my army will be not impetuous for a turn or two, due to Inspiring Leadership.

Caledonian List #2:

Combat Group #1
o Cateran with T2 Sniper Rifle
o Cateran with T2 Sniper Rifle
o Wulver with T2 Rifle
o S.A.S. with Chain Rifle, Assault Pistol
o Mormaer with AP HMG
o Highlander Grey with Boarding Shotgun

Combat Group #2
o 3x Volunteer with Rifle
o Volunteer Lieutenant (w/ Rifle)
o 4x Galwegians with Chain Rifle

Pros: Easily hidden lieutenant, good balance of ranged firepower and melee.

Cons: The fact that I have two combat groups is a big red flag. Even worse, the first combat group, the one with all the heavy hitters, has six orders. I could shuffle it around, but the alternatives are even worse, in my opinion.

Merovingian List:
• Margot + Durac
• Zouave Sapper (HMG)
• Zouave Sapper (Sniper Rifle)
• Loup-Garou with Viral Rifle
• Chasseur (Minelayer)
• Moblot (Infiltration) w/ AP Rifle, D.E.P.
• Metro w/ Limited Camo, Inferior infiltration, Rifle, D.E.P.
• Metro Lieutenant
• Metro Paramedic

Pros: Lots of infiltration, lots of firepower to cover their advance, and AD2 units (Ariadna’s only AD2 unit, by the way). Plus, I’m hoping to pull some neat tricks with the Chasseur. Definitely has the tools to take down most lists. And a solid 10 models for a nice solid order pool.

Cons: No linked teams, which is one main reason to take a sectorial. Also, not a lot of anti-TAG capability (with the exception of the one shot DEPs). I’m sure I will find out more as I start play-testing.

Ariadna List #1:
• Cateran with T2 Sniper Rifle
• Kazak Doktor
• Line Kazak with Rifle
• Line Kazak with Rifle
• Tankhunter with Autocannon
• Tankhunter with AP HMG
• Veteran Kazak with T2 Rifle, X Visor
• Veteran Kazak Lieutenant with AP HMG, Mimitism

Pros: Has a Doctor to take care of the wounded, and three fantastic guns for taking out TAGs. Three models with camo, allowing for a nice shell game.

Cons: Only 8 orders, which is low for Ariadna at 250. Also, very one sided (long range firepower). No melee troops, no infiltrators, no AD. Just blasting the crap out of the other army.

I’m hoping to play test with all of these in the coming months, and I’m hoping to post some games using these armies and variations during that time. Meanwhile, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Wow! you are travelling to Arizona for the BF tournament. Should be fun.

    I would love to see how your Metros army works out. I've got the humble beginnings of one that I eventually want to build out to something like this, except with more Moblots. I'm hoping to link a team of them use them to support some infiltrating Chasseurs and Metros. I vote Metros!