Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fun: Corvus Belli New Releases and Preview

With Necrons last week for 40k and all the new Corvus Belli stuff today, TGIF is flipping right!

First check out all the new releases from Corvus Belli at their website here:
What we've got is:
The Mercenary Father Lucien
A Nisse Sniper for Pan Oceania
Sarogat Trooper for Morats
The Loup Garous Linked team with Adhesive Launcher, Boarding Shotgun, and two viral rifles.

I am most excited about the Loup Garous linked team. I am collecting a Merovingian force slowly and this addition brings the Merovingian Sectorial Army closer to completion. It's a Sectorial List with few choices and it's difficult to make a list, at least, it WAS! The Loup Garous unit changes that. Personally I believe this was a great decision on Corvus Belli's part. A linked team of Loup Garous, laying down viral shots and sniper fire is a fearsome prospect indeed! Well done, Corvus!

We also have  a preview for Ariadna players, sectorial and standard players alike, the Traktor Mul. Click this link to see the model on Studio Giraldez:

What models are you most psyched about?