Friday, October 21, 2011

Infinity Papercraft Terrain

Lo Pan's recent posts on how to build some phenomenal Infinity buildings inspired me to consider some terrain development of my own. My ambitions, on the other hand, were substantially less than Pan's so I set my sights on finding papercraft buildings that are suitable to Infinity.
I struggled to find papercraft buildings that were a) free, b) easy to build, and c) scaled to 28mm miniatures. After some fevered searching on the google, I stumbled across Dream Pod 9, a site mainly dedicated to all things Heavy Gear. DP9 has some great sci-fi buildings with lots of detail and an easy to build structure. However, their stuff is scaled to Heavy Gear which appears to be closer to 15mm (or maybe 20mm, I can't tell). Using one of their sci-fi buildings as the structural template, I built my own design, creating unique textures and adding graphics to give the building an Infinity-esque feel.
As you can see from the pics above, my first building is a Knight Security satellite office. The front and warehouse doors are scaled correctly for the order sergeant waiting to get in. The key to this actual papercraft building is that it can fit onto a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper (standard letter size).

You can download the file here: Knight Security. I recommend printing this on glossy photo paper, such as HP's Advanced Glossy Photo Paper. The photo paper holds the ink better than regular paper and more importantly the photo paper is a thicker card stock material that easily stands on its own and you can even perch minis on top of the building without it caving in (TAGs notwithstanding). When you print the PDF, simply select Fit to Paper and make sure you have the correct paper type selected in your printer properties.

Cut along the solid black lines that are bordered by white. To assemble, I recommend using double stick tape but a glue stick works just as well.

If folks like the piece, I have a few more I can post and am currently designing some new ones. So shoot me a comment if you find this to be useful and I would be happy to get some more up.


  1. Nice work.

    I've always been a little snooty about paper terrain, but this might help change my mind.

    I'd be interested if you have any more complex pieces?

  2. Sweet I love the "knight security" and post no bills." funny!

  3. Neat! Paper terrain is a great way to quickly add to your terrain collection and if done right can look great! I'm actually using it as my main source of terrain at the moment, although I'm looking to build up my... non-paper terrain catalogue. :)

    Oh, and Heavy Gear is 1:144 scale, so about 10mm.

  4. You may want to have a look at the paper models for free you can find in
    You can find some containers and even a container-based hospital.

    The good point is containers are design to be folded, used and unfolded so the can be kept in a folder: no room for storage is needed!