Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guilang Sniper In Progress

The Guilang Sniper is quickly becoming one of those models I hate going without on the tabletop. He's got a great rifle, antipersonnel mines, a multispectral visor and camo. Who can ask for anything more? So far, he's got a pretty hefty kill-shot ratio and I wanted to do him justice. His paint job reflects that he's a trained killer; a heartless master of concealment and death. 

There is still some work to do on this guy before he is 100% done so expect pictures soon. In fact, he is going to be one of my entries in the Infinity Christmas Painting Competition so wish me luck!

Critique and Feedback appreciated.


  1. That is looking sharp! I really like the blu hue on the helmet.

    I've been using a regular combirifle Guilang in most of my games and even though he's rarely alive at the end he almost always manage to inflict a lot of damage.

    I'm about to convert one with a boarding shotgun and this post has made me decide to get a sniper as well. :)

  2. Thanks, Martin! I got the sniper because I liked the model originally, but now that's I've played a series of games with him, he works really well. I mean, with most infinity units, there really isn't a bad choice ever.

    I can see a boarding shotgun or combi-rifle being deadly as well. What really matters is the camo, being able to get out of camo shoot without ARO and then fade back into camo to do it again later-that is killer!

  3. It's beautiful.
    The blue glow effect is perfect.

    maybe a lil' wash or something, to darken the recesses in the trenchcoat?

  4. SinSynn, thanks for the feedback. I am finally getting satisfied with my OSL skills. The trenchcoat, good call on that. It had been nagging me too. I am going to work on that some more.

  5. SOmg, look at these eyes!
    Great work dude, amazing! :O

  6. Looks great, too bad about the camera shake.