Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let the Preparation for Adepticon Begin!

OSH and I had a great game on Sunday at 200 points and, like in all great games, failed to take pictures. It was funny going back down to 200 points, where Adepticon will be playing at, from previously playing at 300. As OSH discussed, this will provide some interesting metagame dynamics:

Very few TAGs
Probably only one combat group per army
Increase in sectorial armies, to take advantage of linked teams

The last point was something OSH and I were discussing quite frequently on Sunday. Linked teams will allow for some really order efficiency in early game. I don't know if this will actually occur, but it's certainly something on my mind when creating a list. Speaking of...

There are two lists formulated that I'm thinking about, Caledonians and Merovingians.

Wallace LT
Four Highlander Galwegians w/ chain rifles
Two Caterans with T2 Sniper Rifles
Uxia McNeill
Mormaer with AP HMG

It's a solid list, with enough to keep opponents on their toes. And it can take out a TAG, if there is one present. One major major downside is the Wallace Lt. I love him, but he's meant for close combat, and he can run into a situation of being a sitting duck if I'm not careful.

Now, Merovingians:

Three Loup-Garou with Viral Rifles
Loup-Garou with Sniper Rifle
Loup-Garou with Viral Rifle & Flash Grenade Launcher
Chasseur Minelayer
Moblot LT
Zouave Sapper with HMG
112 Doctor

The only mini in this list I am not pleased with is the Moblot, and it's kind of the elephant in the room when it comes to Merovingia - a real lack of good lieutenant options. I've considered using a Paratrooper Lt. instead, but I wouldn't use them in an AD sense. Meh, it's worth playtesting these things out.

Anyway, I am very excited about Adepticon in general. I had a blast last year in the 40K Team Tournament, and I'm looking forward to playing three tournaments next year.

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