Thursday, December 1, 2011

Infinity is Coming to the NOVA Open 2012

We are pleased to announce the addition of Infinity to the games played at the NOVA Open. Infinity will make its entry at the NOVA Open 2012 with a 16-person Infinity ITS tournament, with four rounds run over two days. We will be using missions from the Infinity Campaign book due for early 2012 release.

What is the NOVA Open?

The NOVA Open is a tabletop wargaming convention entering its 4th year in operation and continued growth. Named for the Northern Virginia area where it is hosted, the NOVA Open is the largest war gaming convention in the Washington, DC Metropolitan region. This year, the NOVA Open will be hosted in Arlington, VA on August 30 – September 2, 2012. You can find out more about it at the website here.

A variety of tabletop wargaming events will be scheduled, including various Warhammer 40K events (including a GT, a team tournament and a narrative event), Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, Flames of War, and more. Seminars, 24-hour open casual gaming and organized social activities will provide ample opportunity to relax, kick back with a cool beverage, and connect with fellow wargamers from around the country and the world (players from 38 states and 5 countries attended last year's NOVA Open).

What Will the Tournament Look Like?

The first two rounds of the Infinity tournament will be played on Friday morning, August 30th. Players will only compete against players with similar records leading up to that round. The second two rounds will then play on Sunday afternoon, and will compete among each W-L bracket from the two previous rounds. 2-0 players will only play against other 2-0 players, etc. The winner from each of the four brackets will receive honor, glory, prestige, recognition and prizes!

There will also be a painting competition for Infinity, separate from any other event. Our painting judges are developing a paint rubric currently, and this will be posted months in advance, both here and on the NOVA Open website, so that everyone can start on equal footing.

What else?

Tickets for the event will go on sale January 1, 2012. Tickets will allow you to game on Friday and Sunday in the Infinity tournament, as well as put your name in for the results of Corvus Belli’s ITS system. Prize support will be generous, coming from a wide variety of sources and sponsors. I will be posting monthly updates to the tournament schedule, structure, layout (and some sneak peeks at terrain, provided by the Remote Presence Crew) here on Remote Presence.

If you’re new to Infinity or a seasoned veteran, sign up for the first NOVA Open Infinity Tournament and test your skills!

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  1. Here's the deal- you may be wondering why we've posted the info about Infinity at the NOVA. Sure, we want to promote Infinity and share the love, but more than just posting suggestions and directions- we're actually the folks who will be running the show. That's right- Lost Cateran will be the man in charge of the Infinity Tournament at NOVA Open 2012.

    If you are a D.C. local, get ready to join us for some Infinity madness. If you are from out of town, consider the NOVA Open as an opportunity to play your favorite tabletop wargame AND explore the Nation's Capital. Yes. Shameless promotion time: the NOVA has a special deal with the Hyatt Regency for $85/night. This is an insanely low price for the area and well worth taking advantage of.

    I know that the Remote Presence crew don't rate "internet celebrity" status, but as of now, all of us will be at the NOVA in some capacity, so we'd love to meet you folks who have checked out our blog over the past few months. Really. We would. Join us and we'll throw dice. It'll be fun. Indeed!