Sunday, January 8, 2012

Container Buildings Completed

or "I'm not dead yet"

So four months have passed sice I posted progress pics of the g*ddamn buildings I've been working on for my own collection and for the NOVA Open Infinity gaming. Personally, I am pleased with the results, but I am just about burned out on terrain. The first 3 were very entertaining, the next 3 were fun, but by the 18th it was getting annoying. And the walls? Don't even get me started on the walls. You know how some things "drive you up the wall"? Yeah- I had to build my own walls for that. As for the driving, I ponied up for some cars from Antenocitis, but that's for another post.

After staring at the originals, I decided that the tan colors lacked visual interest, so I re-masked the windows and misted over the base coat with a lighter color. Still unsatisfied, I added additional masks of squares and rectangles to creat various panel effects.

OSH and I had a terrain day that helped hammer out the 8 units for the NOVA Open. He got to play with his new airbrush, and that allowed us to add even more color variations. Still in the tan-to-gray palette, though.

After all the paint was dry, I penciled on a single mid-hight horizontal line on every unit, then slapped on a few stickers (posters, corporate logos, etc.) and custom decals (building numbers) printed out on an inkjet printer.


  1. Those do look really, really cool. I personally think you've done a bang up job on these and they were a great idea too... shame I've turned into a lazy bugger and can't be bothered to get off of my fat arse and make my own scenery!!! lol. Thumbs up from me.

  2. Great work, very inspiring. Can't wait to see more.