Sunday, January 8, 2012

Container Buildings Showcase

or "But WAIT- there's more!"

Once all the buildings were done, I realized that there really should be some form of external traverse, so it was off to the hobby store to pick up some Plastruct ladders and stairs. You can see in the photos that there are three different lengths in order to be more useful.

Rather than make the ladders permanent, I carved out "hooks" from styrene sheet, making the ladders much like what you'd see on a large motor boat. They're removable and slide on and off the roof top ledges very easily. I'll probably paint them, eventually.

At the Home Depot one afternoon, I decided to check out the plumbing isle. They have a large number of metal and PVC fittings that have terrain potential. I picked up a pair of PVC pipe end-caps for about $3.50 each. Once painted and given a bit of greeblie plumbing, they look quite good. Also, they're very sturdy.

In order to not lose my mind entirely, I asked OSH if he'd be willing to paint up the wall sections that I'd built earlier. He agreed, so I whisked them up to his place on the weekend. There are close to 25 segments, but it should be an easy job. As fate would have it, he managed to snag a very large painting comission the next day, so the walls will wait.

To add more color, I ordered some transparent flurorescent acrylic sheets for use as holo-boards and force-field walls. I'll post those next time.


  1. you might want to look into making some balconies and/or interbuilding walkways to place with the 'doors to nowhere' on the upper floors. not only would it add an extra degree of verismilitude to the board, but such elevated locations would add gameplay options as well.

  2. Those buildings look amazing!! I call dibs on that board for next game ;)

  3. Sick, just plain sick. I need to find some of these containers for sure. That, or make a trip from Fredneck to your neck of the woods.

  4. There's a pretty rich discussion on the topic at the Infinity Forum at that has some suggested sources for the materials. As far as we can tell, it's OOP now, but there may be alternatives.

  5. Your city is soooo clean, and without any sort of trash cans or dumpsters for all the garbage that a city full of people would generate. What happened to all of the people? I think the explanation is found by reading the labels on a few of those storage containers. (You got them here no? the 8th down from the top.) Mmm Mmm good,eh?

    The way the windows look is fantastic. Now you need interiors. (or perhaps the Interior Designers got eaten?) Could you post a list of materials you used? Or bring one to the next NOVA meeting for show and tell.