Monday, March 5, 2012

Builder vs. Collector

You ever reach a point where you realize that you've managed to accrue more models or miniatures than you'll ever be able to build? That's the point you shift, officially, from a Builder to a Collector. I hit that point years ago with my scale model collection, but now I'm approaching it with my wargaming collect...uh... backlog. Since starting Infinity about a year ago, my 40k stuff has been put on hold. What stuff? A whole Death Korps army, a bunch of Space Marines, and a few Tau XV9 suits. And 2 titans, but we won't discuss them.

Here's a current photo of my workbench. You can see at the top of the picture there are two XV9 suits ready to be painted. Next to them is a great bag of human skulls from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Further to the right is a Gang from Necromunda (displaced from their foam by the forces of the Jade Empire...). To the left is a stack of 4 new Yu Jing blisters (plus Sforza...). The work area is occupied by my "second round" of Infinity minis- Celestial Guard special weapons, some Ninjas, a HMG Hsien, some Yaozao, a Sophotect, a Su-Jian, and a Garuda. These guys (and gals) are about 90% complete, but I know sooner rather than later I'll wind up with another stack in the background...

Vallejo paints are scattered on the bench- I've started transitioning from GW to Vallejo because there is more variation and also the paint containers are far more practical. Anyway, just another post to remind everybody that we're still alive and kicking. Maybe I should shoot to complete the 3rd batch by the time we hit 100 followers. LOL

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