Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yu Jing Tiger Soldier and Airborne Deployment Thoughts

My latest Infinity model, the Tiger Soldier; Medium infantry, Airborne Deployment L3, combi rifle, flame thrower, mimetism, great statline. Mimetism probably makes him one of the best Airborne Deployment units in the game, as does his BS of 13. 

I often like to drop him down using L3 deployment (deepstriking), but occasionally I'll switch to L2 (outflanking) which is a little safer. Even if you use a combat drop, he has a 60% chance to land where you want him. 

Airborne Deployment is great for flanking the enemy and creating less clear lanes of advance. A crossfire effect is pretty nice too. Sometimes he'll be positioned in such a way that the enemy can't do much without taking AROs from multiple sides. 

He's been painted with GW paints, Vallejo paints and old school GW inks. 


  1. Great paint job for a great trooper! Do you remember your recipe for the black on the gun? It's very well done.

  2. As always I love your paintjob. And i second the request for the gun recipe. Cheers.

  3. Hi guys, Thanks!

    The gun recipe is a little tougher to explain than most, because it is a color I made up myself. It is part shadow-grey, part Kommando khaki and part graveyard earth. Then just highlighted up to white. maybe I can make some pics of the pot I made for your reference.