Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lost Cateran Game 2 vs PanO

Game #2 against PanO was based on quarters, similar to the spearhead deployment of 40K. The obejctive was to capture quarters. My opponent was very good, and he knew what he was doing. He had some nice tools that made my life difficult, primary of which being TO Camo. In the end, however, it came down to my own stupidity that brought the game to a draw.

Game #2 Setup, with quarters superimposed

My opponent’s first turn was spent trying to shoot at my Galwegians, which I had foolishly left in the open. One Galweigan dodged successfully, but Wallace did have to take one wound. Thank goodness for No Wound Incapacitation. I was not going to risk his life again. He also tried to discover my Caterans #1 and #2, to no avail.

In my turn, I popped Caterans #1 and #2 out of camo and gunned down the ORC Trooper and forced the Fusilier to stay prone behind the rim of the building roof. My Uxia McNeill started just rampaging up his right flank, taking out the Fusilier at the bottom and his Fusilier on the roof in prone. My goal was to go around and start taking out his Fusiliers from behind. However, his Swiss Guard showed up out of TO Camo and proceeded to gun Uxia down. She earned her points back, I’ll give her that.

The next round was frustrating for both of us. My opponent and I proceeded to keep on trying to shoot one another from across the board with some severe negative modifiers. My Cateran had mimetism and cover, his Swiss Guard had TO Camo.

I was able to move Cateran #1 forward, in an attempt to try to grab some of the Fusiliers my Uxia missed. That’s when he revealed his Croc Man in TO Camo. With all the bad luck I had from shooting at the Swiss Guard, I got one lucky shot off with my Cateran, and the Croc Man fell in an order.

The Swiss Guard finally succeeded in killing Cateran #2, and moved his Fusilier into the top right quarter to claim that quarter for him.
My Galwegians with Wallace

Now, my last turn I completely flubbed up. I really wanted to kill that Swiss Guard, since I knew that he was making up ~80 points of his force. I sent my Galwegians on a futile mission to take out the Swiss Guard, but they were just not getting close enough to the Swiss Guard. Eventually, I had to give up. I also wanted to move Cateran #3 and #4 off the rooftop (still in Camo, thanks to Climbing Plus) and move them into the top right quarter, thus claiming that quarter for me. Afterwards, I realized mistakenly that I did not have enough orders left to get my Caterans into that quarter, so the top right quarter was left for him and his fusilier.

All in all, I killed all but his Swiss Guard and a Fusilier, but that was enough for him to take two quarters and bring the game to a draw. The last turn was sheer stupidity for me. I should have split up the Caterans and sent one into the top right quarter. I was frustrated, but my opponent played a good game. And he ended up coming in at 2nd place in the overall tournament, so I should not feel too bad.

On to Game #3…

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