Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lost Cateran Game 3 vs Corregidor

Game #3 was Holding the Prisoner, against Nomads. The goal was to rescue your own hostage being held by your opponent, while still holding on to your own hostage. The Hostage was Impetuous, Irregular, and belonged to their own Combat Group.

Game #3 Setup, with Hostages on either side

He had first turn, which he spent moving his Alguacile Linked team forward and discovering my Uxia McNeil. While she attempted to dodge, and get into cover, the Alguaciles finally took her out, as well as two of my Caterans (#2 and #3). He also pushed forward his Sputnik to back up his Alguaciles (I assume it was a Sputnik, since I never received a list from him).

I spent pretty much my entire turn picking off his Alguacile Linked team with my two remaining Caterans. I was also able to pull off a shot against his Sputnik, which killed him. I’m quite amazed as to how well my Caterans take out TAGs and Remotes. They’ve got quite the body count in that regard.

On his turn 2, he pushed his Tomcat onto the board, and proceeded to lay three mines right around the corner from my Galwegian #1, effectively hemming him in. He also put down suppressive fire with his Moran, and one Alguacile moved to my left flank.

My Wallace climbed up the platform with the helicopter on it (yes, that’s a helicopter) and shot at the Alguacile on the flank, killing her. The Moran’s suppressive fire hemmed my Cateran #1 in, so he moved forward to try to pick off the Tomcat. Instead, the Tomcat’s mine blew up, and killed the Cateran. Wallace pushed forward and proceeded to try to climb down from the roof of the platform. Rolled a 20 on his Physique roll, and he took a wound. He attacked the Tomcat in close combat and killed him.

My opponent sent his sole remaining Alguacile to kill Wallace, which wasn’t difficult as he had already taken a wound. This of course made all my troops impetuous, which proved to be a problem for holding the prisoner. The guard holding the prisoner is only allowed to make short movement skills- anything more and the prisoner/hostage is allowed to escape. Therefore, this allowed for my hostage to escape.

Well, I wasn’t going to have any of this. With my last turn, I allowed my Galwegian #3 to retreat, and shot at the hostage with a Chain Rifle from my Galwegian #2, killing the hostage. There was no way I was going to recapture the hostage with Irregular Impetuous troops, so I decided to gain the +25 points by killing the hostage, and deprive my opponent of his +50 points for having the hostage return to his deployment zone.

It was a tactically challenging game, and it was my only loss during the tournament. My opponent played a good game, and clearly knew what he was doing.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time.. more so cause it was Infinity! Did you have a certain amount of rounds to play in or was it just time based? Also, love the missions.. simple enough to play in a tournament, but making you have to do more than just kill the opposition.

  2. I think I can field that question: We had 6 turns to play out the missions. I got to turn 6 in all of my games. Worked out well.

  3. great way to skin off your opponent. Though personally i like Helicopter Game much more.

  4. Nice to find this report of our match. i was afraid u were a little upset at the beginning of our match about our discussion.