Friday, April 27, 2012

Adepticon Infinity Armies

First and foremost, I have to say the Infinity tournament at Adepticon was great fun.  Kudos and thanks to John and Co. for running it so well.  I won't bore anybody with battle reports (yet), but will go ahead and post some photos of the armies that showed up to play.

My first opponent, Andre, brought his Nomad army all the way in from Germany.  Andre teaches demo games back home and was helpful in setting me straight with some of the rules that I had been fuzzy on.  I had to apologize several times for being so slow in round 1.

In round 2, I faced off against Milan's Kazaks.  I learned the hard way how tough Dog Soldiers can be, and how chain guns can burn Kuang Shi out of trees with relative ease.  See that hot medic in the middle of the photo?  Sexy, but deadly- to her own troops.  Apparently Milan lost not one, but two of his own troops to her failed medical rolls.

Final opponent was Brian, the younger and more devious brother of Lost Cateran.  I played this game a bit more aggressively, but wound up losing due to a crap close combat roll by my Ninja and really awful deployment of my Yaokong.  Oops.

This was the army I took.  Their performance was middling, but apparently their livery was well received.


  1. Nice looking armies.. and great to hear that the players were helpful with the rules instead of using it against you.. great environment to have!

  2. Great looking armies there, glad you enjoyed the event.

  3. I'm jealous seeing all these painted armies. I'm still working on mind. That's for the good pictures of the armies involved. Sometimes con photos are not that great.

  4. It was nice seeing how everybody had paint on their minis. The range went from basic to "wow" and that made it so much cooler. Seeing the variety of personal styles was really great. I know it might sound a bit elitist, but if I put a lot of time into painting my army, I do feel somewhat insulted if my opponent hasn't got more than a primer on his. Gonna post another batch of photos in a minute or so.

  5. I wish I had come out to Adepticon now, looks like a great time. I am slowly working on building a small CA force (have yet to play a game) and didn't know how well it would be received to show up a pure newbie.

    When is the next Con you guys will be going to, would love to pick your brains on getting a little group going here (Warmachine is roaring along with 30+ players, so hard to start new stuff)

    1. Hello! We're actually organizing an Infinity event at the NOVA Open on Sept 2 here in DC. If you're interested in attending, sign up at