Saturday, April 28, 2012

Everybody was Kuang-Shi Fighting!

 Another post celebrating a awesome time at Adepticon.  First- a photo of (some of) the players and organizers.  John, the TO, is second from the far left, with his back to the camera.  Two of our regular crew are also pictured here.  Sure, we didn't get the giant conference hall / ball-room, but we also didn't get gamer stank.

Next batch of armies-  This is Tim's Yu Jing force.  Sadly, the vivid green boxtop made it rather difficult to get a good photo.  Bad Tim! Bad Tim!  Doesn't make much difference, since his Su Jian has already been featured on the blog.  He just needs to post pics of his more recently completed figures...

Lost Cateran brought his Aleph army... no, just kidding, it's his Ariadne force.  Check a few posts back to read his battle reports.

Kevin G brought his Nomads.  Good natured to the end, G took the far opposite of first place and walked away with an Inquisitor Sketchbook and Warhammer Fantasy paperback for his pain.  He seemed quite pleased, though on the Infinity Forum he posted a photo of a baby seal...


  1. I have to say that, even as the baby seal, it was a great tournament. Protip: ADHLs are great in theory but eventually you'll want to hurt the other guy, and more dice means more damage.

    BTW that's me on the far left in the blue shirt. Judging from the models on the table (or lack thereof) I believe that was taken after my first annihilation.

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  3. I think that pic was taken in the last round, as I was giving the first placer a decisive victory. He totally wrecked me with combat drop troops the sneaky git!

  4. I'm still blown away by how awesome your yu-jing looked, Tim.

    My hellcats got lucky, is all. :)

    1. Hi! John, right?

      Thanks! I've continued to plug away at them...Monks are now done. I'll post them here eventually. Follow our blog!

      And congrats on your win! Was an awesome game!


    2. Right! And will do!

      It was easily my favorite game in the tournament. It was really back and forth--and only the hellcats coming through kept you from just slaughtering my backfield. :)