Friday, May 4, 2012

Sneak Preview

Not exclusive to Remote Presence, but we thought we would share it anyway. The upcoming Mercenary TAG from Corvus Belli. There is some Battlefoam promotion with this, for Infinity's sake let's hope it does real well.

I think TAGs really help make Infinity unique and add the spectacle of the game - everyone should have one! Here's to hoping we get more great TAGs over the next year or so.


  1. very Shirow-esque. if some of the other art i've seen of this one is any judge of scale, i predict many non-infinity gamers buying these for use as Appleseed style Landmates..

  2. Yep. If it looks anything like the art work, I'm definitely getting one maybe two of these. Smart move on making them Mercs - they can go in any army....

  3. in more ways than one. unless the price is just absurd, once these come out for general purchase i'll probably be getting 2-3 to make an 'Olympus ESWAT' unit for the FUBAR ruleset.. from the looks of things all i'd need to add is a Damysos flight wing to the back.. ( )

    even if the price is really high, i'll probably still do it, it'll just take longer to save up for it. :)

  4. I'm quite fond of the way the Infinity designers seem to take so many design elements from Shirow's work but still keep it fresh. If they came out with something a bit closer to a Guges or Landmate- I'd be all over it in a heartbeat. My participation in the gaming came well after my participation in the hobby. I still have a box of unfinished minis from Jovian Chronicles and Heavy Gear (OLD miniatures)... wonder if they'd look out of place on an Infinity game board.