Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Terrain- the Basics

In a few weeks we'll be hosting an Infinity tournament at the NOVA open.  It's the first time the NOVA will have Infinity and the Remote Presence guys are going to work hard to make it fun.  We're also going to work hard at making terrain.  Since NOVA depends on volunteers, we're hoping to have a day or two dedicated to Infinity terrain.  This kind of terrain is a radical departure from what has been used for 40k, so in order to help things along, I created a pair of documents to help guide the good people who show up and donate their time.

Basic Infinity Table
Shanty Town Construction Guide


  1. Cool. What day is the terrain build?

  2. It's looking like July 22, which is a Sunday. The confirmation will go out in the next NOVA newsletter, on July 1 or July 2.