Monday, June 25, 2012


Odds are most folks who read this blog are, shall we say, "refugees" from another gaming system.  Regardless- over the past year or so I've noticed a virtual explosion of alternatives to the same old same old.  If the idea of skirmish level tabletop wargaming appeals to you, there are plenty of options with well thought out rules, beautiful designs, ambitious scope... here are a few:

Some companies are just getting stepping in to the business and have pulled in online investments to get things going:

There are plenty out there- check them out and have fun!


  1. I'd also mention Dust Warfare, and Mantic's King of War.

  2. Check out Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack which uses LEGO for the giant fighty robots.

    Kickstarter (already funded):
    Mobile Frame Hangar (semi-official forums, lots of developer activity in the forums):
    Flickr Pool:

  3. don't forget Defiance Games "Alien war" ruleset. ( )
    it's free. the miniatures sets they sell come with the stats for those specific forces, but you can easily come up with stats for any figures you own as well.

  4. Excellent suggestions! Thanks.

  5. Aren't both Sedition Wars and Zombiecide (damn, I am so sick and tired of that genre; the revival brought absolutely nothing new and interesting except parody) both technically boardgames?

  6. Not technically but actually. The point being that they're initial forays into the realm of mass manufacture and distribution which may, with sufficient support and appeal, develop laterally into a broader version. Or not.