Monday, June 11, 2012

Tim's Latest Yu Jing Models

This week, I've decided our post would be able  the recent Yu Jing models I've finished. For me, they feel like some of the best miniatures I've painted, but as I look at them in photos, I can see all those little imperfections that make that untrue. Must not get all flustered about photos though, in person they look very different and are still a source of pride. 

The first one is my Gui-Lang Skirmisher. This little guy was lots of fun to paint. I love painting flowing  robes, cloaks and capes and this guy's got a great pose to boot. Unfortunately there was a mold line going right across his face and even over his eye, so he lost a ton of facial detail in the cleaning process.


Next up is the Shaolin Monk. He was also a lot of fun to paint, but took a lot longer. The model has a lot of detail that I struggled with and the orange paint I chose was so sorely pigmented that I had a tough time getting the orange bits right. I'm very happy with the face though.

Finally, I recently finished this Husong remote. It's a total reaction bot that I really loved painting. It was a bit of an experiment. I started with an airbrush to get a layer of darker brown down, then top-coated it with yellow-brown you see there. I ended up with the nicely blended basecoat. Then I took out my traditional brush and went to work. This model really only took about 3 painting session because of the airbrush. It was finished with little effort and I am happy with the results. It's not display quality but it will work. 

Feel free to post any questions and comments. I love constructive criticism. It's what drives me to improve with each session. And no criticism is too harsh, if it's well-founded. 

As a side note, I'll have all my Infinity models out on display at the NOVA Open Infinity Tournament in Arlington, VA. I'll be on hand as a rules judge in the event, but I'd also be happy to share some of my painting secrets there. 

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  1. Nice work! I always thing that launcher on the front of the Husong is a happy face.