Saturday, September 15, 2012

Infinity O-12 Painting Competition

Your intrepid author, Tim, is now hard at work on the new Infinity O-12 Painting Competition. This contest challenges entrants to paint a 250 point Infinity Army before October 15th. I've have already begun, and have already goofed a little. Well, here are the stipulations of the contest.

See how it says you need to submit before and after photos. Well, I just painted these guys for this contest:
But the only before photos I have is this one:

So I guess I got a problem. 
Must be sure to take before photos on the next batch.

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  1. I think they said something along the lines of just a base coat being okay on the Infinity forums. I just have to decide if I am going to MRRF or CA and if I will be able to finish since Borderlands 2 comes out at midnight.