Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Product Review: Paulson Games Guns

Prior to Adepticon, I had planned to participate in the Gladiator Tournament.  That didn't actually happen, but for the list I wanted to run, I needed additional rail cannons for my Tau Broadsides. Though I love the Forge World XV88 models, I don't love the price.  Tim offered a pair of Paulson Games "Mech Medium Rail Guns" for my use.  After a quick clean up, the addition of a magnet, and painting to match my Tau army... they were ready to go!

(Top to bottom: Sub-munition Rifle by Forge World, Beam Gun by Paulson, Medium Rail Gun by Paulson)

I was pleased with the quality of the castings- enough so that when Tim put in an order to Paulson, I asked him to add a few of the "Long Beam Guns" to his order.  As with the Rail Gun, the Beam Gun was well cast and easy to clean up.  The resin is solid and nicely detailed.  For $2 and $3, respectively, these two items work quite well as alternative weapons for Tau XV8, XV88, or even XV9 suits.  I've decided to use the Beam Guns as Sub-Munition Rifles, which as of now are only available via Forge World with their Shas'O R'alai kit.  For the price- these are very much worth it.

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