Monday, October 22, 2012

Airbrushing Infinity Miniatures Follow-up

Following up from my previous post about airbrushing miniatures, here is another picture of the Nomad Spetkr in progress. You can see the foundation of the airbrush work is still there, but I have accentuated the lights and darks and added a lot more color with a traditional brush. 

Because I have sprayed highlights from above, it helps reveal where the light hits the model and takes out some of the guess work of zenithal highlighting. 

Any questions?
More to come soon.
Next topic: First Impressions of Matte Medium!


  1. Nice work! I really like you approach with airbrushing Infinity Miniatures. I have not seen it done before.

  2. love it mate! thats come out fantastically!

  3. I always fall into the same question how do people get such an awesome smooth light and shadows...

    Great job by the way

  4. That looks really crisp, the clean sharp painting style is what drew me to Infinity and these are solid additions to that style. Kudos. I have a few air brushes, I pretty much limit myself to primer and the base color for my Morats, I will have to try this out on either my MRRF or Tohaa but right now I have my work cut out for me on the terrain side.