Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nomad Spektr Update

Sometimes Infinity models can be taxing. Sometimes high standards can be taxing. 
The level of detail and intricacy of Infinity models can be very demanding on a painter and I've decided to call this gent a done deal...for now. 
I need a break. 
Next up on my painting table is a nice change of pace - a 40k Dreadnought. It'll be a welcome change before I bring brush to Infinity figs. 


  1. This is a great piece of work, Tim. I love the smooth tones you got with it. Are they just from the airbrush or can you do it with a normal brush easily enough?

    I ask because of my upcoming secret project where I want the paint tones to be really smooth and top quality.

  2. Gorgeous work man, over the year your work has just rocketed in quality to this wholly impressive level.

    Definitely know the feeling of being exhausted on completing a figure :D

    Look forward to the next all the same.

  3. Hey Pete!
    Thanks for the compliments on the piece. The blending on the pastel blue main color was done with the airbrush first, then I used a traditional brush to get more definition.

    If you're going to do blending, I would suggest getting some glaze medium if you can. This makes your paints more transparent than water alone would make it. Matte medium can do this, but I think glaze might be better at this. Good luck!

    Thanks! I think it is the infinity miniatures I've been painting, honestly. They are a lot more difficult than any other line I've painted from before. Also last April I went to Adepticon in Chicago and learned a lot from Matthieu Fontaine...I think I am almost ready to start entering in Golden Daemons and Crystal Brush...what do you think?


  4. I know exactly what you mean! Since Infinity minis are such beautiful sculpts you really want to bring your A-game when painting them... which can be taxing. It's fun, but it does take a lot of energy. Nice with a change for pace. :)

    However, I think the SPektr looks spectacular! Love the blue and yellow. I might steal it whenever I break into Nomading. Hehe!

  5. I say it is never too early to enter competitions like these. That is really solid work, just going from a competition stand point the only dings I can see from the picture is the transition on both legs right below the knee is a little rough and the knee pads seem flat. That is taking nothing away from this miniature because

    I am sure any of us would be happy to have this miniature. This is post cut material for sure, Daemon would probably depend on who shows up and what category you entered. I would also consider going for People's Choice army at Adepticon, if you wanted, since some really awesome things come out to that convention every year