Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paradiso Impressions: Scenario 102

First off, sorry for the lack of pictures. I will resolve to take pictures of the games from here-on out, promise.

Lost Cateran's List

Group 1
Cateran w/ T2 Sniper Rifle
Dozer with Traktor Mul Control Device
Tankhunter with AP HMG
Tankhunter with Autocannon
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Veteran Kazak with AP HMG

Group 2
Dozer with Akrylat-Kanone
Intel (with Cube, 2 XP)
Irmandinho with Chain Rifle (Booty: +4 ARM)
Irmandinho with Chain Rifle (Booty: ADHL)
Irmandinho with Chain Rifle (Booty: AP Rifle)
Kazak Doktor
Line Kazak with Rifle
Line Kazak with Rifle
Line Kazak with Rifle (Lieutenant)

Morgrim Dark's List (Best I can tell)
Gabriel de Fersen (Lieutenant)
Teutonic Knight with Spitfire
Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight
Magister Knight
Specialist Sergeant with MSV2 and Spitfire
Specialist Sergeant (Hacker)

Turn 1 (Morgrim)
Morgrim ran his Magister Knight up my left hand side. Similarly, he used de Fersen to discover the activation sequence ([2, 1, 3, 5]) and activated the first marker. Finally, he moved his Teutonic Knights up to cover the center of the board.

Turn 1 (Lost Cateran)
Moved Irmandinhos up, discovered the activation sequence ([2, 1, 3, 5], same sequence coincidentally enough), and activated the first marker. Shot at a Teutonic Knight from my other Irmandinho’s Booty-ed ADHL, ended up killing my Irmandinho (do to vastly underestimating the distance between the two). Ran towards the second marker, failed his WIP and had to get into cover before orders ran out in that combat group. Other group shot at Teutonic Knights with my AP HMG Tankhunter, AP HMG Veteran Kazak and Cateran, with some pretty spectacular results.

Turn 2 (Morgrim)
De Fersen shot at my HMG Tankhunter and Cateran, killed the Tankhunter and sent the Cateran into hiding. Similarly shot at my Vet Kazak, which I chose to fail his guts check. Grabbed the data from the center objective, and had to book it around the corner to stay out of LoF of my guys.

Turn 2 (Lost Cateran)
Two Irmandinhos ran towards the Magister Knight, threw smoke in his face and attempted an Intuitive Attack. Succeeded the WIP roll, but failed to wound. Magister Knight manages to hit with a speculative shot with his pistol at my Irmandinho not carrying the data, who also has a +4 ARM from Booty. She rolls a 1 and dies. My last Irmandinho uses all the regular orders in that combat group to get up to the middle, activate the center objective, run towards the final objective and grab the data, while still avoiding getting hit by the Bulleteer and MSV2 Order Sergeant standing watch.

All I could do with my other combat group was to set up suppressive fire lanes across the board with my Cateran and Veteran Kazak, and run my dozer across the board to hopefully grab all the data necessary to triangulate (since I figured my Irmandinho was dead next turn). Had I known that I can triangulate with a different engineer than the one doing the activation scheme, that would’ve ended the game right there. This seems to be a point of discussion in the boards.

Turn 3 (Morgrim)
His Magister Knight runs towards my last Irmandinho, who now has all the objectives activated. In the process, he runs into my Cateran’s Suppressive Fire, which finally kills that SOB. His Bulleteer and MSV2 Order Sergeant make short work of my Irmandinho. His last Teutonic Knight spends an order to discover my last camo marker on the board is a Tankhunter with Autocannon, which I had no need to use until now, since he was blocking the avenue to Morgrim’s last objective. In a heroic charge, his Teutonic Knight charges forward to die gloriously, followed subsequently by de Fersen himself.

Turn 3 (Lost Cateran)
Knowing that Morgrim is probably now in Retreat (which doesn’t mean much for a fully Religious army); I run my Dozer up the board and into the LoF of his Bulleteer and Order Sergeant. This last Dozer shoots his humble rifle at the two, kills the Sergeant and in the very next order, crits (on a 2!) the Bulleteer. The Dozer retrieves the data, and in his last order successfully manages to triangulate on a 12.
Lost Cateran: 8 XP
Morgrim: 4 XP
The results of the other game:

Lo-Pan: 8 XP

Aulleas: 2 XP

Guess I'm playing against Lo-Pan once more for the final mission of Chapter 1. I will post my views afterwards. Have to figure out a good way of dealing with those Kuang Shi...

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