Saturday, May 18, 2013

Paradiso Impressions: Scenario 101

First of all, I apologize for the lack of photos. I will be sure to take photos of the next scenario.

For the first game, I was paired up against Lo Pan’s Yu Jing, specifically his ISA. I wanted to try something out, only using Russian troops (i.e. no troops from Sectorial Lists), as well as some troops I had never played before - Dog-Warriors, Irmandinhos and Minesweepers. My army consisted of the following:

Group 1 (6 Regular, 3 Irregular, 3 Impetuous)
Intel Spec-Ops
Irmandinho (Chain Rifle) (KIA)
Irmandinho (Chain Rifle) (KIA)
Irmandinho (Chain Rifle) (KIA)
Line Kazak (Rifle, Lieutenant)
Line Kazak (Rifle) (KIA)
Line Kazak (Rifle) (KIA)
Tankhunter (AP HMG) (KIA)
Tankhunter (Autocannon)

Group 2 (5 Regular, 3 Irregular, 1 Impetuous)
Antipode Pack with Controller (Antipodes KIA, Controller survived)
Dog-Warrior (KIA)
Dozer (Traktor Mul Controller) (KIA)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper) (KIA)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Veteran Kazak (AP HMG)

I ended up losing the initiative roll, and was relegated to going second. Lo Pan sent his linked team of Kuang Shi up the flank to throw smoke grenades and give me a threat I had to deal with. I sent my Antipodes after him, which ended up not being such a good idea, as they simply got chain rifled to death. The real problem, however, was his Hsien with HMG and MSV2, who could shoot at my guys through the smoke with impunity. Lost my HMG Tankhunter, two Irmandinhos and two of my Line Kazaks from that. There go two of my Engineers.

The alien info was discovered (by Lo Pan) to be in the center of the table. My last Irmandinho was lost trying to deal with the Kuang Shi on my flank, and my Veteran Kazak got into a shooting match with his Hsien. After killing his Hsien, I sent my Dog-Warrior up the other flank to deal with his Su-Jian Remote. Ultimately, both died in a blaze of glory, shooting at each other.

Lo Pan rearranged his Celestial Guard for his turn. With only one Engineer left, I start shooting some smoke grenads with my Antipode Controller and my Dozer ran up and acquired the data. Unfortunately, I attempted to transmit and my attempt was hacked and I did not have enough orders to get the dozer back to safety. Lo Pan ran forward his Celestial Guard linked team, acquired the data and killed my dozer. As a final act of retribution, I shot his entire Celestial Guard squad with my Veteran Kazak, thus leaving both of us with no Engineers or Hackers.

While Lo Pan was in retreat whereas I had 158 points left, he technically had more Objective Points than I did, so he won this match.

Lo Pan: 4 XP
Lost Cateran: 2 XP

The other game went as follows:

Morgrim (PanO/Military Orders): 2 XP
Aulleas (Haqqislam/Hassassin Bahram): 4 XP

Next week I will be playing against Morgrim and his nasty PanO Military Orders . By that time, I may have named my troops by that point.


  1. Hi from Spain!

    We are currently playing Paraiso and yesterday was my turn to bring my Ariadna to mission 102 versus Aleph.
    Thoug it was a narrow victory I tell you my experience.

    I used drusso mercs to cover hacking and it was a great help, also was the option of using kaplan engineers. Veteran Kazak doctor was expensive but was useful, being hard to kill let me move to recover some of the fallen engineers, and the actions they provided. The dog warrior I recruited died soon but is a competent option to throw grenades over obstacles as PHY is high, this was an option to counterattack the smoke granades and the MSV2.

    My autocannons were aimed many times but cover, camo and long ranges kept them safe resulting in killing Asura wich turned to be great threat being such a hard hacker.

    4-3 Ariadna won. =)

  2. Very nice.

    I have not been using any of the Mercs. I'm surprised you ended up using Kaplan Engineers, considering Ariadna can take 5 Engineers, which is more than most armies.How did the Druze work for you?

    I do love the dog-warrior variants: Antipodes, Dog-Warriors, Cameronians. The only concern is facing opponents with Martial Arts, which is why Wulvers are so useful against Yu Jing.

    Best of luck to you! Free Ariadna.