Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paradiso Impressions: Scenario 103

So, this was by far the fastest game we've had so far in the campaign - over in one game turn. I played against Lo Pan, and he pulled out a pretty flawless victory (4-2 Lo Pan).

Setup: Combat Group 1 on left, Combat Group 2 on right.

Combat Group 1
Intel (Cube, Specialist Troop)
Irmandinho (+2 ARM)
Irmandinho (E/M Grenades)
Irmandinho (EXP CCW)
Line Kazak w/ Rifle
Line Kazak w/ Rifle
Line Kazak w/ ML
Line Kazak w/ HMG
Valerya Gromoz

Combat Group 2
Dozer w/ Rifle
Dozer w/ Akrylat-Kanone
Kazak Doktor
Tankhunter w/ Autocannon
Tankhunter w/ AP HMG
Tankhunter w/ ADHL (Lieutenant)

I got first turn, ran my Irmandinhos forward, and two of them survived their impetuous movement. One (+2 ARM) ran for the RAS Console in the rocks, and died to a C Guard rifle, the other (EXP CCW) ran for the door. As she unlocked the door, the ARO from the linked team of C Guard took her out. With my two final orders from Combat Group 1, I shot a marker at the door from Gromoz, and tried to deactivate the security system through the marker (at WIP -9) without success.

My second Combat Group was slightly more successful. Lo Pan has deployed his guys prone, making it rather annoying for me to try and smoke him out. Ran forward my TH w/ Autocannon forward, got two clean shots off on his Hsien and killed him coming out of Camo. My Dozer w/ Akrylat-Kanone ran forward, unlocked the second door and ran up to the Console in the middle of the room before running out of orders.

Lo Pan's turn started with him running his Kuang Shi forward towards my Dozer in the Security Room, only to get killed by my Kazak ML with ARO. Shooting some smoke from his C Guard Linked Team, Lo Pan covered the entire approach into the Security Room, leaving him to shoot at my Dozer who was inside, shoot at my Tankhunter from the doorway (which I conveniently opened), deactivate the security console and place the tracking beacon, winning him the game.

Finish, with the C Guard Linked Team inside the Security Room

Couple of things I should've done differently in hindsight:
1. Should've shot through the smoke with my ML once he shot at the Dozer. -6 to hit, but that circular template would've ruined his day.
2. Should've counter-hacked with Valerya, since I had a marker there.

All in all, Lo Pan deserved the win, thus continuing his undefeated record. We immediately went into Scenario 201.


  1. I'm still not sure how I feel about the Paradiso Campaign overall. On the one hand it does offer several different scenarios that stretch the player's comfort zone, but on the other hand... the ability to create a totally new army for every mission dilutes the feeling of investment in one's army. I mean, if your Lieutenant dies in game 1- who cares? You get another one in game 2.
    Being able to tailor lists per mission is somewhat questionable, IMHO, as in the last game my opponent got EIGHTY extra points just for having baggage carriers, and his list for that game was totally different from the prior game.
    I prefer the Necromunda approach where you get one gang from day 1 and build it up throughout the campaign, so if your lowest level guy becomes an uber-gunslinger it becomes exciting, but if your commander gets blown to smithereens, you feel for him! Paradiso is a fun, yes, but lacks emotional engagement.

  2. Paradiso seems be be closer to a tabletop wargame whereas Necromunda and Mordheim were closer to RPGs even with the XP systems for Spec Ops. It is a different way to play Infinity. It certainly draws strong opinions on the Infinity forum.

    Your tables are very much in the Spanish style. They look scary to play on.