Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paradiso Impressions: Scenario 201

I again played against Lo Pan's Imperial Service, and I managed to eek out a win at the bitter end. This was quite a surprise for me, as I had lost nearly everything by turn 2, including my Doktor that I was relying on. In the end though, I was able to immobilize his remote and get it onto the "dropship".

Combat Group 1
Dozer w/ Akrylat-Kanone
Dozer w/ Traktor Mul CD
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Kazak Doktor

Combat Group 2
Chasseur w/ ADHL
Chasseur w/ ADHL
Foxtrot w/ LGL
Intel (Cube, Specialist Troop)
Kempei w/ Boarding Shotgun
Tankhunter w/ ADHL
Tankhunter w/ ADHL (Lieutenant)
Tankhunter w/ Autocannon
S.A.S. w/ Chain Rifle, Light Shotgun
S.A.S. w/ Chain Rifle, Assault Pistol

This is the first scenario that I did not receive penalties for infiltrating, so I intended to make full use of it. It makes me realize how reliant I am on Infiltrating Troops in regular games.

I won initiative, so I chose to deploy second. He deployed mostly onto his right (my left), including his one Baggage carrier, so I deployed the majority of my ADHLs in his path. He moved his Hsien forward to get into cover, as well as his C Guard linked team and his Su Jian. His Hsien killed two of my Traktor Muls, so I was now down to two. He did not discover any of my guys, but he gave me plenty to worry about when I eventually did pop out of camo. I was halfway hoping he'd try to discover, roll high and get mauled by the Paradiso wildlife, but the only one to die from wildlife in this game was my own lieutenant.

I can go through the gory details, but pretty much every single one of my camo guys died on the heavy side of the board, as well as both of my engineers and my Doktor, while only killing a Su Jian in the process. There were two exceptions. My S.A.S. chain rifled the two Kaung Shi on the other side of the board, which was not necessary but gave me piece of mind, since now I controlled that board half. The second was my Kempai, who was now directly behind Lo Pan's Pheasant Rank and Hsien. Killed his Pheasant Rank, and got a wound on the Hsien before dying in a hail of ARO gunfire. Kempai, you made Japan proud.

Lo Pan's second turn consisted of him running his Baggage forward. On his last order, my lieutenant with ADHL popped out of camo and shot the bugger with some Adhesive gooeyness, leaving him immobilized. My second turn, I was down to 95 points, which thanks to Baggage was not quite enough to send me into retreat. My lieutenant spend all of his orders to shoot at the C Guard linked team and killed every last one of them. In the roll for his last kill, he rolled a 20 and failed his ARM check from the Hostile Environment. I imagine him going down a hero.

Final order from Combat Group 2 is to call down the Dropship with my Intel Specialist Troop, and I drive over with my closest Traktor Mul and pick up the Alien Info. At this point we are both in retreat and loss of lieutenant, but I allow everyone to head to the back of the board in order to save up enough orders to allow my Traktor Mul to safely get onto the dropship.

Helicoptor "Dropship" in the lower left corner.
The board is pretty much cleared, except my retreating S.A.S. agents.
Markers designate the Variable Hostile Environment.

Lost Cateran - 6 XP
Lo Pan - 0 XP

Scenario 204 was apparently ridden with failed ARM saves, if I gleaned anything correctly from the table ten feet away. The final scores were:

Aulleas - 6 XP
Morgrim Dark - 2 XP

Next will be Aulleas and I battling off in Scenario 203.

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