Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't Walk into the Killbox

So I finally grabbed a game with my Lo Pan after a long hiatus of playing Infinity. I had finished enough of my JSA to play them in a game and learned the hard way about their lack of long range firepower. 
Lo Pan and I set up the board with less concern toward balance and more concern towards making it look cool. I won first turn and Lo Pan won deployment. He cunningly invited me to deploy on the side of the board without a high vantage point. I rather foolishly feel right into his trap. 

The game consisted mainly of me trying to dislodge his Hsien with an HMG from the building, while my bikers worked the flanks, picking off any troops they could. 

Rather cinematically, the result was an alley of death. 

I had doctors fixing people, and cunning use of orders here and there to try and dislodge the Hsien. He eventually went down but my rolling was abysmal so it took a rather long time to do so. 

Still I was an immensely fun game. 


  1. That board looks fantastic!! Much jealousy from this side of the RP house.

  2. Lo-Pan's terrain still impresses me every time I see it.

    Oddly enough, looking cool generally leads to a good playable table.

    Good to see you guys playing again :)