Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Raiden Senbutai Conversion

After playing around with the ArmyBuilder for Japanese Sectorial Armies (JSA), I found out that it is pretty tough to use up enough special weapon cost (SWC) points with the current range of Yu Jing JSA models. Sure, one could throw a couple Aragotos with spitfire down, but there's only one model, and in my opinion fielding duplicate models is a big fax-pas in games of Infinity.

So with a donated Pan Oceania spitfire (sweet looking weapon) from Lost Cateran, I set about trying to affix the damn thing to a JSA model. The only viable candidate was the Domaru Butai with chain rifle. I'm not a fan of these close-range specialists anyway and the model fit the part - he's a heavily armored samurai.

I went to work with my knife, saw and clippers. In the process of removing the chain rifle, both the bloke's left hand and his right shoulder-pad were badly mauled. Luckily, a small supply of Magic-Sculpt had recently arrived in the mail. The reconstruction began.

Boy, sculpting is hard! First lesson I learned is that saliva is your friend. Second lesson, let things cure a bit before trying any detail work. Thirdly, don't be afraid to start over. I sculpted a shoulder pad, was unhappy with it, and then completely ripped off the putty and re-did it with better results.

Well, enough chatter. Here he is!

Next step, file down the edges so they are sharp and affix some katanas.

More to come...


  1. Simple and effective conversion, I like!
    That shoulderpad sculpt came out looking good for fitting in natural with the rest of the armor.

    1. Thanks! It'll do...doesn't match the other one but whatever...I may go back and make the other one look like it. Probably not. Not sure I care that much. lol. We should be getting some Raiden models in the near future as Carlos reveal concept art at GenCon...they should be really cool.