Monday, September 9, 2013

NOVA 2013 Prize Support

So, to my surprise, I actually won the Renaissance Man for both the ITS Tournament on Saturday and the Team Tournament (along with my brother) on Sunday. The Renaissance Man is the best combined score for painting and objectives over the tournament. I don't believe I actually got the best score, but the person with the best score already got 1st place, so I subsequently got Ren Man. My Ariadnan force that I played is displayed below.

The prize support that Corvus Belli gave was, in a word, tremendous. All players got a free mini (I got a Gui Feng Spec-Ops), and as winner, I got all the rest of the stuff pictured below.

I technically did not win the Cutter, but I got $25 off a Warstore purchase, with the restriction
that it must be used that night. They had a Cutter available and I've always liked the model.
The rulebook, while I already own a rulebook, was super neat, since it was signed by Corvus Belli staff, along with sketches and drawing. I especially like the doodle of our favorite Fusilier, Angus (at least I think it's Angus), at the bottom left.

Huge amount of respect for Corvus Belli for not only appreciating the tournament circuit, but actively enhancing it with prize support.

I'll hopefully be putting up a post in the next few days regarding constructing those Bandua Cubes.


  1. Nice Dice. ALEPH colors though.

    Two* TAGS, a link team box, autographed book, and more. Yes nice prize support indeed.

    The plaques look nice too. Is that KR case really cardboard?

    Awful low ginger count in those Ariadnans though. Ran out of orange paint? ;)

    *Okay, 1.5 TAGs

    1. Oops. Congratulations on the wins LC. Ren Man is the one to win.

      Sorry for the 2x. Stupid Blogger doesn't let you edit posts.

  2. Congrats! I am impressed by the CB guys. They put in a lot of prize support!